Marshmellow Sandalwood Diffuser 200ml

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Indulge your senses with a luxurious treat that will fill your space with endless aroma!
This fragrance offers delicately clean and uplifting notes of marshmallow and rosewater with sugar syrup, geranium, lily of the valley and clove bud. The scent closes off with a soft touch of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and musk.
Allow this blend to permeate your home with comforting simple pleasures on a cosy autumn or winter night.

Key Ingredients:
• Top Notes
Marshmallow, Rosewater
• Mid Notes
Sugar Syrup, Powdery, Geranium, Lily of the Valley, Clove Bud
• Base Notes
Soft Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk

Key Benefits:
• Long-Lasting Fragrance
Reed diffusers provide a continuous and long-lasting fragrance without the need for heat or electricity.
• No Open Flame
Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flameless, making them safer and more suitable for use in homes with pets or children.
• Low Maintenance
Reed diffusers require minimal maintenance, simply needing occasional flipping of the reeds to refresh the scent.
• Even Scent Distribution
The reeds effectively disperse the fragrance evenly throughout the room, ensuring a consistent and pleasant aroma.
• No Electricity Required
Reed diffusers do not need electricity to work, making them a practical option for any area without access to outlets.
• Subtle Aroma
Reed diffusers provide a subtle and continuous scent, creating a pleasant and non-overwhelming environment.
• Decorative Element
Apart from fragrance, reed diffusers also serve as a decorative piece, adding elegance and style to any room.
• Customisable Intensity
The intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted by adding or removing reeds, allowing you to control the scent level.

For Whom?
Reed diffusers are for individuals who prefer a safe and flameless option for enjoying delightful scents in their homes or offices. They are perfect for those who appreciate a long-lasting and consistent aroma without the need for constant supervision or maintenance.

Other Attributes:
• Fragrance imported from Australia

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