Natural Mediterranean Sponge

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Crafted from nature’s own design, Fer à Cheval Mediterranean Sponge is not just a tool, but a nurturing skin sanctuary that delivers a sensorial bath time experience.

Featuring a composition akin to a blend of silk and sponge, this unique structure offers an unrivalled softness that pampers your skin, while the porous texture provides a hygienic solution to exfoliation, ensuring a deep cleanse with every use.

Its long-lasting and durable nature means that you’ll enjoy countless harmonious moments of pure bliss.

Choose nothing but the best for your skin with Fer à Cheval's all-natural, plush bathing luxury.

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How to Use

For an indulgent bathing experience, soak the Natural Mediterranean Sponge in water to soften before use.
Gently massage onto the skin in circular motions to cleanse and exfoliate, allowing its silky fibers to draw out impurities and revitalise your body.
After each use, rinse the sponge thoroughly with clean, warm water, squeeze out excess moisture, and hang it to dry to ensure longevity.

Suited To

This sponge is supremely suited for individuals with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, as its natural hypoallergenic properties ensure a kind and protective treatment for every skin type.

Full Ingredients List

100% pure sea sponge directly sourced from the bountiful waters of the Mediterranean.

About Fer A Cheval

Established in the heart of Marseille since 1856, the Fer à Cheval soap factory, registered as a historic monument, is one of the last remaining establishments preserving the tradition of an entire city.

Far from industrial giants, the authentic Marseille soap requires special attention. The master soap makers incessantly monitor their soap mixture: every bubble, every scent, every sound, and every eruption has its significance that only they can interpret.

The entire expertise of the Fer à Cheval soap factory rests on the shoulders of these master soap makers who pass down their secrets from generation to generation.

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Product information

All our products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, DEA (diethanolamine), triclosan, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, oxybenzone, hydroquinone, and other commonly recognised harmful ingredients.

In addition to above, we classify our products into four categories based on the nature and percentage of ingredients used:

Certified: Hold international certifications like organic, natural, vegan, or halal.

Pure Natural: Made entirely from natural and naturally derived ingredients, free from all synthetic elements and certain preservatives like sodium benzoate and phenoxyethanol.

Natural: Mostly natural, may contain a small percentage (less than 1%) of approved synthetic ingredients, silicones, fragrances, or colouring. Excludes mineral oils, TEA, MEA, and all ingredients that risk formaldehyde release or dioxin contamination.

Natural-Based: Predominantly natural, may include additional approved synthetic ingredients at permitted levels for an enhanced product experience.

We hope this classification makes it easier for you to identify and choose products that align with your personal skin care philosophies.


A French Brand Since 1856

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